It's difficult to reach your buisness goals if you don't have the right materials and/or the information to help your buisness reach the success it's capable of.  These four competitive marketing strategies are needed to produce an extremely successful buisness.

1. Negotiate Have you noticed that some people seem to always get the best deals?  Yeah, you pay full price and think you did OK until they show up with the same thing, only they  paid several hundred dollars less.  It really get your goat!  How do they do it?  They're not afraid to ask for an extra discount.

Yep,  don't sell yourself short because you didn't ASK the next time your advertising rep makes an appearance!  Even if you're already getting a discount, ask for a bigger one.  You have not...because you ask not.

2. Trim Bigger is always better...or is it?  When it comes to advertising, don't be surprised if some of your short ads meet with more success than larger more expensive ads. Trimming down on the size and cost of advertising doesn't mean you'll be trimming the results!

3. Exploit the FreebiesWhat's the difference between advertising and publicity?  ...who's doing the talking. Yeah, when you sell yourself, it's advertising.  When someone else is selling you, it's publicity...and it generates credibility and interest that you don't want to miss out out!

Think about the different ways you can get your business in the spotlight.  Do you have some news… write a press release?  Write some "how to" articles with a short byline at the end and release them to ezines, magazines, newspapers, and other publishers. Why not promote the product of a non-competitor in return for them promoting yours...think of the totally different market they affect!

Yep, there are a lot of ways out there to get free advertisement that will benefit your business. Of course you won't be able to rely solely on the freebies, but hey, you can get a little extra for nothing!

4. Improve Your Offer Is your deal too good to pass up?  If not, you need to improve it.  Hey, I'm not talking about cutting prices even've still got to make a profit.  You can make the deal sweeter just by increasing the readers knowledge of the value of the product, or adding bonuses that are perceived as valuable, but cost you little. 

Motivate buyers with expirations. 

Yeah, an open ended offer encourages procrastination...which leads ...yep, nowhere.  When the customer knows he has until Saturday to purchase an item he'll pay more for on Sunday, he'll make it a priority to head for your shop. Advertising doesn't have to wipe out your bank account to be effective.  When you learn to negotiate, know when smaller ads are as effective as large ads, ask for discounts, and create an irresistible offer, you're on your way to skyrocketing profit margins!

If I had a Penny how happy I would be

I need a way to use it so that I could make two

If I gained and doubled every penny that I made

I would be the richest man alive today. 

This little poem is mine by the way.  It is my little moto to myself every day.  I do not think about my mortgage payment or rent, I try not to think about spending the dollar. 

I think about how it multiplies. . . the strategy that we have been taught and raised in has been to find a way to spend the dollar. A Dollar does not sound like much but evaluate the growth of just one single dollar. Changing your life today begins with taking action.  We have a wide selection to fit both price and quality to help you get started.

Over a 30-day period 1 penny becomes over 5 million dollars.  Do the math I am not lying about this. The odds of doubling are not a normal scenario.  It is however how I would like it to be. 

Some Mind changing Helps for you:


The reason I used the above example is because almost everyone spends at least $2.00 on something to drink every day. Now look at the example above and instead of Day use month. So, over the course of 28 months you would be a millionaire.  It would be a nice start. 

Now I want you to put years in place of days.  Is that your retirement fund?  Should it be? Where is your hard-earned dollars going?  What are you spending it on? Who is getting paid? A simple 401K fund with a boss that says he is matching your deposits into the fund, where is it? Why does no one see the returns in the stock market like this?  

At a rate of 15% a year the above table shows what a retirement fund should look like.  Do you have this in your retirement after 30 years? So again I ask, Where is all of the money being placed into pensions, retirements, IRA’s, College Funds, and so forth. The table above is your initial investment per year into the account.  So, what is the rate of return on your money?  If you have put 10,000 a year into a bank account and never touched it, you would have $300,000 Dollars.  Now if you put that into retirement for 30 years what is the true interest you are getting on the money you invested. 

Take The figures and play with them. 

Putting your money into certain accounts is not worth it.  The real question is how you fix your problems before it is too late.  I take what money I can safely and invest it myself as cheaply as possible. I invest into myself.  That is why I am here writing articles at my leisure. That is why I can afford to. The start of change is in yourself and taking control of yourself.  

We are taught to spend money:

  • Credit Cards = 931 Billion in 2017
  • Mortgages = 14.9 Trillion in 2017
  • Student Loans = 1.48 Trillion in 2017
  • Household debt = 193 Trillion in 2017 

These figures are climbing annually in loan offices and banks.  It is a true scary fact.  The sad part of these facts is that there is not 1 record of savings online that I can find that gives the amount that we as Americans have saved. If you look in your bank account and took that number, you would have a good idea.  

So now you can clearly see the trends are to spend money and not save it. I agree that the money I make cannot go with me.  I am not working for me.  I work for my lifestyle, my family, and myself. (not necessarily that order).  These facts are clear indicators that you either will have to break the trend yourself or you will leave this world with some form of debt.  That debt is not relieved at the point of death. It often is passed to the next of kin or taken from life insurance claims, trust, and any other means they can get it from, after all you owe it. 

Continue to visit our site to learn more on taking control of yourself. Register with us so you are kept up to date and even other true details on how to change your financial losses.

Are You Ready to take control of yourself instead of playing in the trends that we have been raised in?  If So I strongly recommend the following helps to start you on the first steps to Freedom. You can also visit our marketplace with products and services we support.


My Final Thoughts today:

If I had a Penny how happy I would be

I need a way to use it so that I could make two

If I gained and doubled every penny that I made

I would be the richest man alive today. 


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Not getting the satisfaction you want from your AdWords account? Want to make more money by spending less?

Google AdWords has made many businesses successful by providing them with a great deal of highly targeted traffic for as little as 5 cents! Yet many webmasters and advertisers are incompetent when it comes to using AdWords efficiently. After $100 in losses and having many failed campaigns, I have learned how to solve many of these setbacks, so I have put together a list of the 4 steps required to come out on top.

  1. Design

Decide how the layout of your ad will present itself. Next consider what you want to be included in the title and what facts or catch phrases you want your visitor to know before they decide to spend your money by clicking on your advertisement. Don’t be a fool and get your ad disabled, please be sure to follow all of Google's rules and regulations on there editorial guidelines page.

Many computer owners are just learning how to purchase using the miracle of the internet and even more people do not understand that when they click on those Google ad’s they are spending someone’s money just by clicking on it. They also don’t understand that most of the pages that they are going to be clicking on are product pages trying to sell them something. Many aren’t even interested in spending any money no matter how convincing your sales pitch can be. Though, this depends on what they are searching for. To avoid this simply yet destructive problem merely put the price of your product directly into your ad.

  1. Brainstorm

This is where my downfall began, I selected few keywords and in turn received little traffic, and the traffic I did receive was very expensive! Avoid this start off by taking the position of your possible customer. If you were searching for the product that you sell, what would you, as a customer search for? Do that now and make a list of as many search phrases and keywords you can think of. Don’t be afraid to use Google’s keyword tool, though I found that this isn’t too helpful.

After you squeezed out as many words you can, glance over them and determine what words and phrases can be combined to form a new one. Simply come up with as many words as possible, once you get started its easy and you should come out with around 250 keywords. Review this list and delete some of the keywords that are “out there” and wouldn’t produce targeted traffic.

  1. Optimize

Never waste your money using Google’s suggested cost per click; it is 10 times higher than necessary. Many advertisers do not understand that their click through rate effects their position to the same degree with how much they pay per click. To make this easier to understand here is an example: if you pay 5 cents per click for the phrase “shopping cart” and your competition pays 10 cents and has a click through rate of .5%, to surpass this person in position you need to double your click through rate to anything above 1% yet you are still paying half of what he is! For keywords that are less targeted to your product or purpose yet still effective I suggest pricing them to nearly half that of highly targeted keywords for a rule of thumb.

Now that all your keywords and pricing is in place, set your daily budget lower than you plan on spending per day for now, this way incase it’s a failure you don’t lose that much. Let your campaign run for a few days, but before you do make sure you set up conversion tracking. Watch what keywords perform well and convert to conversions, and delete the ones that cost you nothing but money. If at first you don’t succeed try try again.

  1. Experiment

As you watch the performance of your keywords and Ad groups you should continue to try new things. Change one word in your ad and compare the results to previous, trust me one word can and will make the difference; whether positive or negative that is for you to discover! If you are having trouble finding an ad that gets enough clicks to avoid being disabled brainstorm again and create as many ads as possible, even if they are terrible they will give you new ideas. Pick your favorite three and create a new ad group while comparing the results to your other ad groups.

If you do not find success after following all of these steps, what you’re doing isn’t wrong it’s what you’re trying to sell. To determine if your product is assured to fail ask your self this question: is this product helping someone or is it just another great idea? Chances are if it’s a great idea people aren’t searching for it, or in desperate need of it.

Continue to track and modify your keywords and Ad groups while watching your sales and popularity excel!